Archived Experiments

The 4-Second Video Intro

How much does the first 4 seconds of a video matter? How much does the formatting of the text in that video matter? How do these two elements influence each other?

Turns out, a lot - and they impact various metrics differently. Dive into the results to see for yourself, or check out this video overview of what happened.


Every designer must wonder on a daily basis, “do any of the decisions I'm making matter?”

Why should we center this text instead of putting at the top of the frame? Does it matter where we put it? What color should that text be? Does that matter?

We are striving to answer these questions as they relate to advertising. Anyone can spout their opinion on the merits of good text formatting but at the end of the day the only real purpose of an advertisement is to capture the attention of your audience.

That’s what this experiment is all about. If we change the formatting of a line of text in an advertisement, does it affect how the audience perceived its message?

Product Test

Most advertisers agree that high-quality product shots can lead to incredible performance lifts across campaigns. However, many of them fall short while trying to find the best context for their products. Does a flatlay display of the product work better or a front-face display? Should the background look real or just be a single color? How will ingredients impact my ad performance? These questions are all very important and the answers can change the performance the of the assets you create by incredible amounts.